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The team has been involved in fund raising and investing in crypto related instruments since 2019, where it facilitated a fund raise through an Initial Coin Offering (ICO). Since then the team has followed the growth of the crypto market working with various companies during the launch of their projects, advising funds in the rapidly evolving market, and investing its own funds in select instruments. 



We follow the Crypto Coin market working directly with the companies to get access to IDO's and seed investments. We invest directly in the companies ourselves, or we create investment pools among accredited investors. We are not investment advisors and require all our co-investors to do their own due diligence.



We have been involved in non-fungible tokens (NFT) since they firs entered the market. We work with our network to get early accesss to NFT launches and create buy and sell strategies. We also advise financial institutions on the NFT market.

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