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"Energy Storage -Key Points for Communities" by Regen SW

The market for storage alongside generation at a domestic and small scale level is growing in many markets across the world as costs come down and policymakers encourage flexibility in use of energy. End of January this year the not-for-profit organization Regen SW in the UK had a forum that covered not only the UK market but included other markets as well the general technology and cost trends.

The presentation can be found here and it can also be found on the Rengen SW website here.

This is the first time I see aspects such as warranties and permitting / grid integration included in the discussions.

There are a lot of documentation about capital cost reduction the past and future.

However, when comparing systems and technologies, we still need to see the fully leveraged cost of operation per kWh. The LCO should be averaged over a standard time frame, ie 10 years, and it must include operating expense (cost of charging the battery including the inefficiency of the batteries and power electronics) and the cost of any battery replacements during the the operating period.

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